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Noticeup Livesearch

This module is created for fast and convenient searching on the website.
The module Noticeup Livesearch allows to display fast response on the search
string. The module created with the jquery plugin and was painstakingly checked
work .
Have cross-browser compatibility as well as query caching which affect on
quick search response. The module uses modifier for easy and safe installation,
which excludes the breakdown or failure of the system after installation.

You can

  • Show a photo, name, model, manufacturer, price
  • Indicate from which letter would start search
  • Indicate the number of search would show
  • Grouping by manufacturer
  • Also you can easy change design of elements as you prefer


  1. Enter Dashboard-> Extensions-> Extension Installer install module;
  2. Enter Dashboard->Extensions->Modifications refresh and activate the modifier 
  3. Activate the module if it was required by the system
  4. The module is compatible with almost all default themes. If you encounter some hardship with installation we can gladly to help. 

Tested on version

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • System requirements
  • Site:
  • OldPrice
  • Activation
    no activation required
  • Ioncube Loader
  • OpenCart
  • ocStore


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