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Commission when paying by LiqPay system

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Commission when paying by LiqPay system

This supplement establishes a commission when placing an order. The LiqPay system uses a commission of 2.75% of the order amount.
For installation:
1) Upload files to the server
2) Переходим Extensions->Order Totals
3) Select the LiqPay Commission and install
4) If necessary, assign rights for a user group

If you want the commission to be distributed and for delivery, then in the file catalog/model/total/liqpay_fee.php need:

if ($this->cart->hasShipping() && isset($this->session->data['shipping_method'])) {
   if ($this->config->get('liqpay_fee_percents') == 1) {
      $delivery_fee = ((float)$this->session->data['shipping_method']['cost'] / 100) * $this->config->get('liqpay_fee_fee');
      $liqpay_fee_fee = $liqpay_fee_fee + $delivery_fee;


$title = ($this->config->get('liqpay_fee_custom_title')) ? $this->config->get('liqpay_fee_custom_title') : $this->language->get('text_title');


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  • System requirements
  • Site:
  • OldPrice
  • Activation
    no activation required
  • Ioncube Loader
  • OpenCart
  • ocStore


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