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  1. Free

    Footer Links to Header Menu

    This extension adds the footer links or information pages in the top category menu.
    There are many options to choose in the download archive. Unrar the file and choose the option that suits your needs. Install it with Extension Installer and don't forget to refresh the modification cache.
    You can use only one option at a time. If you want to change it, just uninstall it first.
    This modification is developed for the default theme and it is possible to not work with custom themes or other modules that change the default menu code.
    If you need to refine which specific information pages to display in the top menu, you can check my extension Selected information pages and footer links in top menu - Many combinations which gives you further customization options from the admin.


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  2. $12.00

    Selected information pages, links in top menu-Many combinations

    This module adds an option in the Admin Panel to select additional information pages to be displayed in the top category menu as well as Contact or Specials links.


    ✔ Only selected pages are displayed in the header menu - admin controlled.
    ✔ Choice to display them as top menu items or as dropdown.
    ✔ Choice to display them before or after categories.
    ✔ Easy to add/remove information pages from the admin.
    ✔ Add Contact or Specials link, or both - vqmod options.
    ✔ vQmod installation - no files overwritten.
    ✔ Unparalleled support!

    This module is same as my free module Information pages and/or footer links in the top menu with admin controlled page selection added. 

    Feel free to contact me if you have any pre-sale questions.

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