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    OCFilter - Product Filter

    Demo version
    Admin panel
    Login: demo
    Password: demo
    The module is compatible with OpenCart 1.5.6, 2. * and 3. * (including various assemblies based on these versions).
    Templates Compatibility
    Guaranteed compatibility is available for the following templates:
    Demo filter: http://unishop-template.tw1.ru/desktops/
    Template: https://opencartforum.com/files/file/3063-universalnyy-adaptivnyy-shablon-unishop/
    Template: https://opencartforum.com/files/file/4550-techstore-adaptivnyy-universalnyy-shablon/
    Frame theme
    Demo filter: https://frame.xds.by/demo/ocr_3.0.x/index.php?route=product/category&path=20
    Template: https://opencartforum.com/files/file/5609-frame-theme-bystryy-adaptivnyy-shablon-dlya-opencart-3x/
    OCFilter is a fast and functional filter for products in the catalog.
    The main focus is on the speed of selection of goods and ease of use of the filter by both buyers and store owners.
    Therefore, usability and search algorithms are constantly evolving, regardless of the goals already achieved or set.
    The main features of the module
    Filter by:
    price with logarithmic scale; manufacturers; availability in stock (both in quantity and stock_status_id); attributes *; product options *; standard OpenCart filters *. * requires copying them in the module settings
    - Support for multi-language;
    - Support SEO URL for filters and its values;
    - Work with a large number of goods (100k +) and filters;
    - Creating landing pages for a specific set of filters with their own meta-data and text;
    - Does not conflict with templates and other modules;
    - Does not replace files of your store, is installed through the installer of add-ons OCmod with minimal code inserts;
    - Support for mobile versions;
    - Ability to hide inactive (with zero products) filter values;
    - Ability to use sliders for any filters;
    - Ability to limit the output of filters and values, hiding the extra button under the collapse;
    - Module code is not encrypted and does not require decoders.
    Forming the SEO URL brings the filter link to the following form:
    http[s]://domain.com/category-[n]/manufacturer-[n]/price/[number]-[number]/sklad/[in | out | stock_status_id]/filter-[n]/value-[n]/filter-[n]/[number]-[number][/ |] The real link of the demo version:

    Regular customers of the module discount on subsequent licenses: 30%
    The module works only in product categories! In promotions, manufacturers and search page it does not work.
    For the OCFilter filter to work properly, you need to disable the modifiers of all other third-party filter modules (if such modules were installed)!
    That is, disable modifiers from the admin panel and in the /system/[another_filter_ocmod].xml
    The file name is enough to rename, adding at the end of "_"
    After this, be sure to clean and update the modifiers in the control panel of the site.
    Support Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Saturday, Sunday - Closed

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