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    Handy Product Manager — extension for fast edit product in OpenCart 2.x

    How to edit products in OpenCart more quickly and handy?
    To fast edit product data, follow my extension Handy Product Manager. This module works like a xls documents, but here it is even more easy. Because in Excel you will not upload a photo or assign attributes with options. Frankly, managing categories and manufacturers in a spreadsheet is also not sugar.
    Uploading images and sorting them by drag & drop, automatically renaming a file into transliteration by product name (is good for SEO)
    The choice of categories, main category (yuo need follow SeoPro https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=20735 for add main category), manufacturers, attributes and options - also occurs directly in the list of products. Options are available to choose from selector — you don“t must start typing the word to get options valriants
    Select attribute values from the previously entered (as in Attribute Select, if anyone knows). In particular, for the next product you can already choose the value that has just been created for the previous
    The ability to immediately (without going anywhere) on the fly to create a new attribute and immediately add the value to it
    The ability to press a button and generate a SEO URL
    Ability to manage meta tags and title and descriptions - as in Excel, but with language icons for quick orientation
    It is possible to add empty or to clone from already existing up to 99 new products for 1 click of a button
    If you want to edit products quickly and without unnecessary transitions through the pages to add goods to your store or do the work of filling the site for the customer If you want to edit prices in fast mode without having to export goods in xls (Excel) - the work in the module was originally organized to make price changes as easy as in a spreadsheet When you do SEO optimization and want to edit meta descriptions of a range of products - Handy Product Manager will also be more convenient than Excel.  
    Demo account:
    Login: demo Password: demo Demo pages
    Product List Handy Product Manager Settings  

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  2. $15.00

    Alternative Photo Uploader for OpenCart 2.x

    Module "Alternative Photo Uploader" change the default uploading images for products,
    which makes management of goods faster and more convenient.

    The system becomes more user-friendly.

    Adding a photo with minimum clicks (2 but not 7). Multi Upload Images. You do not need to manually select folders — images are automatically distributed over 100 files into the created folders (for products, categories, manufacturers). Has setting the maximum size for uploaded files Delete image on product delete Save disk space. There is a setting for compressing images after loading (you can assign the maximum width and height of the saved files in pixels). As a result, files on 2-3 MB turn into files of 100-300 KB ======================================
    Product: here
    Login/Password: demo/demo
    Module has encoded file "system/library/alternative_photo_uploader/alternative_photo_uploader.php" with Ion Cube Loader 6 and need PHP 5.4

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