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  1. Online Live Chat - Jivochat

    Turn your website visitors
    into paying customers
    with JivoChat

    One tool to rule them all
    JivoChat allows visitors to talk to you from within other popular apps. You won't fumble between multiple apps either – agents will conveniently receive all messages in the agents' app

    The module is easy to set up! All you need to online chat with Your customers is enter Your email and specify a password in the module settings, the chat is automatically enabled and will appear on the site!

    The module has special ability to transmit data on the registered buyer directly in chat. Communicating with the buyer if he logs in under an account on Your site, you will see who you are in a dialogue (first name, last name, phone, address) - upload all data to chat from his account. Also when you visit the site the visitors will be shown indeterminancy already a customer and you can immediately start a dialogue knowing who's on the other side of the screen.

    Else You can manage personal account settings JivoChat without leaving the admin panel.

    More info by link

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