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TS CountDown Timer

Version number: 1.0


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About This File

CountDown Timer v1.0 by Tramplin Studio is a very flexible configuration module that displays a countdown timer for special promo goods on all possible pages and in all standard OpenCart modules. A wide range of design customization for the provides a beautiful display in any template.
The countdown timer of the special promo goods will attract the attention of the visitors of the online store to the goods, thereby significantly increasing the conversion of the online store.


The module displays a numeric timer on the following pages and modules:

  • page "Product" (product/product);
  • page "Category" (product/category);
  • page "Manufacturer" (product/manufacturer);
  • page "Special" (product/special);
  • page "Search" (product/search);
  • module "Latest" (module/latest);
  • module "Bestsellers" (module/bestseller);
  • module "Special" (module/special);
  • module "Featured" (module/featured);
  • module "Related" (product/product).


For each page and module, you can singly configure a number of customize timer parameters:

  • display the timer on the page or in the module;
  • the timer header: "Sale ends in";
  • text separators (XX : XX : XX : XX);
  • textual designations of quantities (XX days, XX hours, XX minutes, XX seconds);
  • number of days (the textual designation of this value will also be hidden);
  • number of days in hours (Example: 5 days * 24 hours = 120 hours + hours of the current day. Note: only works if the "number of days" is disabled);
  • the number of seconds (the textual designation of this value will also be hidden).

The timer for each singly promo goods is included when adding / editing the product in the "Special" tab.
You must enter a promo price and the end date of the promotion. If you do not enter the end date, the countdown timer will not be displayed for this good.

If you want the timer of any goods to count the time before the end of the current day, then set the end date of the promotion "N days", turn off the option "Show days count", and enable "Count days quantity". For example, if the special promotion ends in 5 days, a countdown timer will be displayed every day for 5 days left time to until the end of the current day. Such a maneuver leads to an even greater increase in conversion for sale!


Installation Instructions:

  1. Admin menu -> Modules -> Install extensions
  2. Just upload the archive with the module
  3. Update modifier cache

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!


Watch DEMO
Watch admin DEMO (login: demo, pass: demo)


If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the work of the module, you can contact us:

Site: http://tramplin-studio.store/
E-mail: [email protected]

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