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  1. $15.00

    Alternative Photo Uploader for OpenCart 2.x

    Module "Alternative Photo Uploader" change the default uploading images for products,
    which makes management of goods faster and more convenient.

    The system becomes more user-friendly.

    Adding a photo with minimum clicks (2 but not 7). Multi Upload Images. You do not need to manually select folders — images are automatically distributed over 100 files into the created folders (for products, categories, manufacturers). Has setting the maximum size for uploaded files Delete image on product delete Save disk space. There is a setting for compressing images after loading (you can assign the maximum width and height of the saved files in pixels). As a result, files on 2-3 MB turn into files of 100-300 KB ======================================
    Product: here
    Login/Password: demo/demo
    Module has encoded file "system/library/alternative_photo_uploader/alternative_photo_uploader.php" with Ion Cube Loader 6 and need PHP 5.4

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  2. Free

    Blank template

    Blank for creation of a template on OpenCart 2.3.x.x
    1) You copy files from the folder [upload] in a website root
    2) You copy ALL files from the folder of your catalog\view\theme\default\shop in the catalog\view\theme\opencartforumcom\folder (the good form is considered to remove files which haven't been changed then)
    3) You come "Additions-additions-templates", we press "+" near "Opencartforumcom", we press "pencil", we transfer the field "status" to a position "is included"
    4) You come "System - Settings", near your shop we press "pencil", on the General tab in the field "template" we choose "Opencartforumcom".
    In total!
    author: Roman Sha, opencartforum.com
    Thank, it is possible to express a positive review or like ♥.


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