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  1. Free

    Next Default - ocStore Template

    The template version only for ocStore 2.3 x and 2.1 x.
    BEST Template
    DEMO demo\demo 
                   DEMO 2.3х - here                                                    DEMO 2.3х - here                                
                   example design module                                                                here standart
                  HYPER Positions                                                                       desing
    Do not configure the FTP access in the settings and do not include it!
    Here is the file localcopy.ocmod.xml downloading which you won't have to configure FTP access settings.
    Upload it through the add ons - this will allow you to safely load the files through the installation of add-ons.
    Installation for ocStore 2.3 x
    Download the archive file next_default23.ocmod.zip and install it through add ons
    In the add-ons Manager click on the top right of the update button.
    Further in Additions, select the Templates include a template Next Default
    Go to store Settings (not the template) and in the General tab, under Template select the Next Default
    All the rest (the block category and map) as in the description of the previous version.
    Again please note in version 2.3 don't need to upload to the website root files only via menu - Setup
         DEMO 2.1 - here 
    Last version - template for ocStore 2,1,0,2,1
    Unzip the contents of the UPLOAD folder to the root of your website.
    The administration tab *the add-ons Manager* click the refresh button.
    Output categories with the banners on the main
    - Copy the demo admin panel the HTML content of the module *the HTML Content > Banners with categories* html-code with source code.
    The output of the card above the footer
    - Copy the demo admin panel the HTML content of the module *the HTML Contents of the > MAP in the FOOTER* html with source code - then replace its contents with the code of your card (you can get it
    - Yandex maps here
    - For Google maps read here
    - Position Post Header to display slider to full width of the screen ...or use at your discretion.
    - Position Pre Footer for displaying maps in full width ...or use at your discretion.
    - Others look at the demo
    Admin is demo / demo
    As template free support possible.


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  2. $39.00

    RoundShop - Multipurpose Adaptive Template

    RoundShop - OpenCart Template
    RoundShop is an adaptive multipurpose OpenCart template suitable for Internet shops of any field. Template is designed in a modern and precise way. Modules included into the template are able both to extend a number of functions and customize your online store. As an outcome you get ready to use tool to sell a variety of goods.
    While designing templates we prioritize high quality and simplicity. The number of functions is not overdone, which usually could result in extra code, CSS styles overlapped, odd files presence. Due to plain and logical code structure RoundShop performs efficiently, lets you extend Internet shop easily in case you’re willing to apply third party modules.
    Features of template:
    Adaptive design Cross browser compatibility Clear semantic valid code Easy order placement on one page 5 additional options Flexible design management Efficient software compatibility with the third parties products Recent articles module Social networks buttons placed in the footer and on the contact page Possibility to place your own information text block in the header Stickers/labels on the brand new, top products and those for sale Improved modules of the recommended goods are presented in a convenient carousel Discount is shown in % form Adaptive home menu
    Technologies and libraries:
    HTML 5 CSS 3 Bootstrap 3.3.5 jQuery 2.1.1 jQuery.touchSwipe Template includes:
    Template files Documentation PSD files CSS files JS files Localization:
    Russian English Ukrainian Technical support and help
    Purchasing this product each client could get free installation if necessary as well as technical maintenance and consultancy provided by our specialists. We are constantly updating our products adding new useful extensions. After buying the template all the further updates and extensions are provided for free! 
    If you like this theme, please, either rate it or leave a comment.
    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions via opencart@grodas.com.ua. 
    We’ll be glad to answer during 48 hours except weekend or holiday days off. 
    Thank you!

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