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  2. no files attached on free items - I cannot download
  3. Hello. A few days ago, I paid for order # 27258 Mega filter PRO/PLUS with a debit card, but it still has the status “Pending”. Why is the order being processed for a long time and when can I receive it?
  4. The term serverless is a misnomer. It does not literally mean that there are no servers. Serverless app development is a cloud-based architecture used for app development where the cloud provider has the responsibility of allocating and provisioning servers. A cloud provider completely manages these servers. The traditional need of an ‘always on’ server component is done away with. Following are some of the benefits of serverless app development. Pay Per Use One of the main advantages of using serverless app development is the pricing. The developers and users will only be charged for what they actually use. The code can thus run automatically. On the other hand, in traditional server architecture, a predetermined server capacity has to be bought and paid for irrespective of whether it is used or not. Easily Deploy Your App In order to release a working model of your application, there is no need to do any backend configuration. Updating becomes easy and a product can be easily released. It serves quick functionalities like updating, patching, fixing etc. New features can be easily added to the application. Additionally, one does not have to make changes to the entire application to bring changes to a single function. Freedom from Server Maintenance and Management Serverless, as mentioned before, is a misnomer and computing does, in fact, take place on servers. However, the highlight is that the developers do not have to worry about the servers. These are looked after by the cloud provider. They take care of routine maintenance and management of the servers. Scalability Scaling is very easy and automatic. This will depend on the growth and change in the customer base. The architecture can automatically scale when the number of users grow. A practical example of this advantage is that the application will be equipped to handle an unexpectedly large number of requests and also a single request from a sole user. In the case of traditional server architecture, the application will already have a predetermined and fixed amount of server space which can only handle a fixed number of requests. It can get overwhelmed if there is a sudden hike in usage and might lead to system shutdown. Cost Reduction Another benefit of adopting a serverless system of application development is that it will help you to reduce cost significantly. Functions like server management, maintenance, scaling etc. aretaken care of by the cloud provider or another vendor. Additionally, serverless employs less power to compute and also uses less human power. All you have to do is work on the code from the server-side as the infrastructure is already taken care of. Reusability of Components Serverless is also more judicious and cost-effective in the long run. This is mainly because the components of the serverless architecture are reusable. If you are interested to know more on Serverless and other latest topics from our team at aTeamTexas, do subscribe to our newsletter. We push out useful content regularly. What does aTeamTexas do? aTeamTexas can help you migrate to Serverless, build Serverless applications, and train your team on the best practices in Serverless. We offer customized, scalable, robust and highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) development services to carve the future of your business.
  5. The technology industry has witnessed a revolutionary change with the advent of disruptive outsourcing. This kind of outsourcing involves technological advancements like automation, cloud computing etc. Emerging trends and solutions in cloud and automation have enabled various tech industries to scale faster and reach the global market. Outsourcing is a valuable strategic tool, especially for the tech industry. For example, outsourcing an activity like software development, Software maintenance to a vendor helps to cut down operation cost and also helps to focus the resources on the business logic. Moreover, technology is rapidly changing and it is difficult for your in-house team of developers to be good at everything. Outsourcing of services opens up the immense possibility of working with expertise that is not available to individual companies. Your workforce instead can focus on the core competencies of the company while IT services are handled offshore. read further https://ateam-texas.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-software-development-outsourcing-in-2020/
  6. Welcome all. Contact the forum support.
  7. The same problem. What to do ?
  8. I have the same problem. What to do?
  9. I'm very new. I have xampp installed and I want a shopping cart. should I install wordpress and the opencart over W/P ? or just install Opencart. Is there an advantage in installing wordpress? HELP!
  10. Webscraper grabber webcrawler If you need just to collect data and add it to your website, leave a request1- Site name, for grabbing2- Site name, for importing3- Opencart version
  11. Fedka thanks for module again. So the only one thing after installing is to add translation file to language folder English or your language. Works like a charm!
  12. I can't see the module in Modules. OpenCart Version . Do I have to do something special?
  13. I will answer to myself LOL after you insert ocmod as a extension you'll need to upload manually files from upload folder (you'll need to extract files from ocmod.zip 1st) using FTP client (like FilleZila etc). if your default language is not russian you'll need to copy file from language folder in your default language folder. then login in to your admin panel and go to modules, now you can see tinyPNG kompressor, install module, edit and enter api key from https://tinypng.com/developers and enable module. That's it Fedka thanks for module
  14. OC where to insert API key?
  15. Hello! I apologize for the late reply, did not receive a notification in the mail. There is no version without ioncube.
  16. Hi everyone! I've just bought this module, excuse me, I payed, but didn't get any notification or email. Only notification from my bank. As well, I made mistake, that didn't fill url of my site. I want to ask of help from creator or forum admins. thank you
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