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  5. The same problem. What to do ?
  6. I have the same problem. What to do?
  7. I'm very new. I have xampp installed and I want a shopping cart. should I install wordpress and the opencart over W/P ? or just install Opencart. Is there an advantage in installing wordpress? HELP!
  8. Webscraper grabber webcrawler If you need just to collect data and add it to your website, leave a request1- Site name, for grabbing2- Site name, for importing3- Opencart version
  9. Fedka thanks for module again. So the only one thing after installing is to add translation file to language folder English or your language. Works like a charm!
  10. I can't see the module in Modules. OpenCart Version . Do I have to do something special?
  11. I will answer to myself LOL after you insert ocmod as a extension you'll need to upload manually files from upload folder (you'll need to extract files from ocmod.zip 1st) using FTP client (like FilleZila etc). if your default language is not russian you'll need to copy file from language folder in your default language folder. then login in to your admin panel and go to modules, now you can see tinyPNG kompressor, install module, edit and enter api key from https://tinypng.com/developers and enable module. That's it Fedka thanks for module
  12. OC where to insert API key?
  13. Hello! I apologize for the late reply, did not receive a notification in the mail. There is no version without ioncube.
  14. Hi everyone! I've just bought this module, excuse me, I payed, but didn't get any notification or email. Only notification from my bank. As well, I made mistake, that didn't fill url of my site. I want to ask of help from creator or forum admins. thank you
  15. Hi I still have a few months in my one year support. I am trying to download the latest file but all I have access to is version, but in my store I am getting a message that there is a new version number available. How do I get the latest version to install on my site.
  16. Hello need ionCube I ask my server provider and its not possible to add it is their any version without ionCube? Thanks
  17. Is there a file for OpenCart Version The current version will not install.
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