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    Seller Program


    General information

    • All extensions that expand OpenCart’s functionalities can be added to the Marketplace – modules, modificators, themes, etc.; if they do not infringe on any copyright terms. 
    • After publishing on the Marketplace, all rights are reserved to the original extension creator. 

    Extension Publishing Guidelines

    • Every published extension must have a description and installation instructions in English. The instructions must be included in the extension (usually as a readme.txt).
    • All extensions must be archived as a ZIP file. 
    • All extensions undergo verification by a moderator. If they do not conform to the expected quality standards, the Marketplace reserves the right to refuse publishing the extension.
    • Following the addition of the extension to the Marketplace, a forum thread is automatically created which can be used to discuss the extension, its integration, and allow the users to ask the author about specific issues or improvements.  
    • When adding the extension the OpenCart version, dependencies, and all other extension-specific details must be included. The Marketplace reserves the right to decline the extension if it is judged that not sufficient information has been provided for potential users to form an informed decision when purchasing the product. 
    • If adding a theme, a link to a demo version must be provided. For other extensions, a demo version is not mandatory but it is strongly encouraged. If for any reason the developer is unable to publish a demo, they can contact the admins for potential assistance. 
    • The lower price limit for extensions is set at 5 USD. There is no upper price limit.
    • If the developer offers their extension of their own website as well as using the Marketplace, it is expected that the price should be the same. This is something that is constantly monitored and if discovered that the extension is being sold at a discount on the developers site, it is grounds for removal of the extension from the Marketplace.
    • In case the extension includes encoded files, the Marketplace administration reserves the right to request the source code to be provided at any time. Refusal is grounds for removal of the extension from the Marketplace. 
    • If a given extension is determined to be plagiarized from another author, all funds generated from the sales of the extension in question will be seized and split with 50% going to the Marketplace and 50% to the original author. 

    Sale and Purchase Guidelines

    • Purchase of extensions can only be done by registered forum users. 
    • The purchaser gains access to the extension following confirmation of payment (usually instantly following the transaction). 
    • Following the purchase, there is a 14-day period during which you can test the extension’s functionality. During that time you can request support from the author or ask for your money back if the extension doesn’t work and the author has refused to correct the issue. 
    • Payment for published extensions can be done via PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. 
    • Following the purchase of an extension, the user gains access to the extension as well as any updates (if it is included in the terms of the sale). In case the account is blocked due to breach of the terms and condition, the access to download extension updates will be terminated. 
    • If following a purchase you have not gained access to the extension within 3 hours, please contact our admins for manual verification.  
    • The update and maintenance of extensions is done at the discretion of their authors. The Marketplace will not be held responsible if the author of an extension discontinues its support. 
    • All sales on the Marketplace are subject to a 20% commission rate. 

    Transfer of funds

    • The transfer of funds following a sale is done after a request from the author. This is done using a button that appears in the author’s account following their first sale. 
    • The accounts are serviced at the start of the month and the funds are transferred between the 1st and the 10th of the month. 
    • The minimum sum to be transferred is 10 USD. 
    • The transfer is done via PayPal. 

    Please familiarize yourselves with our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

    We also ask you to carefully read our Privacy Policy. 

    The Administration reserves the right to make changes to these rules and policies at any time and without notice. 

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